Prompting users to your app from a responsive website.

Brokers who already have a great responsive website in place should ideally be prompting users to download your branded app from the homepage especially when they are on a mobile device.

  • Smarter Agent Mobile provides an app banner design you can use. It will populate with a link to your app and make it easier for mobile customers to view and download your free app right from your homepage. Contact your account manager for more information.
  • If you want to implement your own app banner design, that is also very simple to create. You should also provide links to your mobile engagement page from a main part of your responsive website.
  • Then, when users access your responsive website, especially from a mobile device, they will be prompted to your app in the store.

Here is an example of the app banner design we provide for your responsive website:


Here is another example of the app banner that Zillow prompts its mobile users with:


Here's the app banner that is automatically generated when users access a Mobile Engagement Page for an Agent or Company app on a mobile device:

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