How do I enable Mobile Detect on my website?

Mobile Detect is a short line of code we provide you with to put on your website. Once it is inserted into the code, it works to detect anytime a user accesses your website from a mobile device and prompts them to download your app.

The Mobile Detect code would look something like this:
<scriptsrc="***" id="sa-mobile-detect"></script> 
Please note, it must be placed in the HEAD section of your website for it to work. We recommend putting it only on the homepage of your website.

When users type your website URL into the address bar, in this instance it is, on a mobile device, they will be met with a prompt like the one shown below to download your app instead. Clicking OK would take them to your app in the store and allow them to download it directly to their mobile device.


                      iPhone                                                              Android


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