What is my app code and my mobile engagement page URL?

Your app code is a combination of letters, numbers or both that your account manager will help you set up after you sign up for your app. Often times there is a prefix that you must use depending on the company/MLS you belong to. Once your account manager follows up and your app is live, they will send you your launch email that includes this information.

Your app code and URL are what clients would need to download and use your branded app. Your app code forms part of your mobile engagement page URL. Your mobile engagement page provides a one-click link that allows anyone to download your app from any mobile device, tablet or computer. Anyone who texts your app code to 87778 will get a text back with a link to download the app.

Example: Let's say you are an agent named Ray Haddon under Hello Realty. Your app code could be set up as like HELLORAY and your URL would be


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