How do I share and distribute my app?

The best way to get leads from your app is to share it with your prospects and clients. In turn, they share it with their family and friends, growing your repeat and referral business in the process!

Here are four ways to share your personal branded app:

1) Mobile Engagement Page
Your personalized URL leads straight to this page. Include a link to it in your email signature block, your marketing materials and social media posts so that anyone can get to your mobile engagement page and download your app. 

Below is a great example of an agent including a link to their personalized URL in their email signature:

Here is an example of a Mobile Engagement Page belonging to another Keller Williams agent, David Hitt. His unique URL is:


Clicking on the 'Download Now' link on the page would take you to the app store where you could download the Keller Williams app onto your phone.

When you open the app after downloading it, it will then automatically brand to David Hitt and you will be able to contact him through the app, as we used his unique URL.


2) Share Feature
Use the “Send This App” or "Share This App" feature located on the main screen of your app to share it with another mobile device user. People using your app can also make use of this feature to share your app with their family and friends. The app will brand to the same agent when the recipient downloads it.

3) Unique App Code
Anyone who texts your app code to 87778 will get a text message back with a link to download your mobile app.


4) QR Code
Your QR code can be added to any ad, signage, open house flyers or other marketing materials.


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