MobiBoard Overview


  • New Users: users who have downloaded your app in the past 7 days
  • Unique Users: prospects who have logged in to your mobile app after download
  • User Logins: the number of times your prospects have collectively logged in to your app
  • Searches and Property Views: the number of collective searches and views your users have done on your app.
  • Calls and Emails: number of contacts generated from the app


  • Usage Summary: allows you to view critical data points at a glance (today, yesterday, last week, month to date, last month, year to date, last year, and custom date range)
  • Recent Leads: gives you the opportunity to see those who have contacted you from the app and on what properties in the past 7 days
  • My Mobile Clients: see all your current users and what properties they are viewing
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    Linda Rocha

    How do you get to the dashboard???????????

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