What are the menu options for my app?

For your company app home screen, we have a set of pre-made icons designed for your use.

You can select six menu options for the home screen of the app. There is an additional fly-out menu that displays a full list of menu options as well as increased contact options.

See below for a sample of all our standard icons in white. We have also made them available in in black, depending on what your background color is and what you want the app to look like.


Here is a sample fly-out menu:



  • The grid menu on the home screen is a standard format of 6 icons per page, always three icons by three icons. This cannot be changed.
  • If you wish to add any menu options to your app that route outside of the app (including the Mortgage Calculator option if it is an external link), there is a onetime $150 set-up fee plus $50 per month per icon for maintenance purposes. You also must supply us with the mobile-friendly URL linking to the feature you want.
  • If you want to create your own icons for the existing functionality of the app and do not require external linking, there is a $250 one time set-up fee and no maintenance fee.
  • If you wish to change the color of our pre-made icons, there is a one-time design fee $150 per hour.

What to know if you decide to design your own icons:

Our latest UI (User Interface) requires sets of two images for each menu option. One will be displayed on the home screen, and the second will be displayed on the fly-out menu. A complete set of images is requested for both the home screen and fly-out menus to allow for more flexibility.

  • Home screen images can have icon and text (recommended) as part of the image
  • Fly-out image can just have the icon as text is dynamically added to the right of the image
  • Both images should be the same size - 400x400 @ 400DPI (RGB) to accommodate high density screens and tablets
  • There are no color restrictions except for formatting in RGB

We also require that your menu include at least a specified set of features - whether you use our pre-made icons or your own. See below for the required menu options:

  • Closest Homes – displays all properties for sale closest to your physical location
  • Advanced Search – allows the user to search outside their physical location and throughout MLS coverage area; also includes various refine options
  • New Listings – displays all listings that recently entered the market, which can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 30 days; varies customer to customer
  • Price Change – displays all listings that had their price reduced in the last 2 weeks; varies customer to customer
  • Saved Favorites – displays favorite listings and searches that you have saved using said option on search results page
  • Send the App – allows the user to send the app to a friend by entering their 10 digit cell number
  • Call/Email options – places a live phone call/routes an email to your lead phone number/email address
  • Feedback and Help – sends a support email to the team at Smarter Agent
  • Login - Allows users to create an account on the app to set alerts on properties/searches they are saving
  • Privacy Policy - Displays the privacy policy of the app. This is a Google Play requirement. 

Other optional icons include:

  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Open Houses* - displays all open houses around your physical location
  • Closest Rentals* - displays all properties for rent closest to your physical location

*Available only if the MLS offers that information



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