I need help with app store descriptions.

Where the app description will display:

On iPhone and iPad, search for the app in the App Store and the description will display in the Details tab right under images of your app screens (as shown below).



On Android, search the app in Google Play and click Read More right above images of your app screen in order to display the app description (as shown below).


Why you should include an app description: Your app description is your chance to grab potential users' attention using a few concise sentences. It is also one of the key factors that will drive downloads of your app. According to Apple, the first 255 characters i.e. "the first few sentences of your description are the most important — this is what users can read without having to tap to read more."

Sample: iPhone & Android

Description (4,000 character limit):

___________ Mobile Real Estate brings the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information right to your phone! With ___________ Mobile Real Estate, you have access to all homes for sale and MLS listings throughout the _________ area.

Use ___________ Mobile Real Estate anytime, anywhere to pull up homes for sale around you using the GPS search, or find homes based on address, city or zip code ___________ Mobile Real Estate will show you all the details you want to know about a property, including price, square footage, estimated mortgage, taxes, features, descriptions, pictures, maps and more! Save your favorite homes to view later. You can also text or email homes to your family and friends.

If you have questions or want a tour of the home for sale, press the “Contact” feature to call or email a ___________ Mobile Real Estate representative who can assist you.

Android Short Description (50 character limit): [Company Name] Mobile Real Estate

Sample: iPad

The ___________ iPad App brings the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information right to your iPad! With the ___________ iPad App, you have access to all homes for sale and MLS listings throughout ___________.

Some exciting features include:

  • Unique views into property details
  • Almost 40 points of interest based on the property location
  • One-click-contact to an _________ representative
  • The ability to save home search information for future use
  • A dynamic map feature displaying all available homes for sale and for rent based on a user’s location or interested city/neighborhood
  • Refine your search by price, beds, baths, lot size and square footage and more
  • Refine your search by New to Market and Price Reduction listings

___________ specializes in the following cities and neighborhoods: ___________, ___________, ___________ and ___________.

If you have questions or want a tour of the home for sale, press the “Contact” feature to email an ___________ representative who can assist you.

Keywords (100 character limit): See below for help in selecting your keywords as well as general suggestions for your app descriptions.

  • Please do not mention other platforms in your description, as the app stores will reject the app submission if other platforms are mentioned in their store descriptions.
  • You can use single words or multi-word phrases but make sure to separate multiple keywords with commas.
  • Separate the keywords by spaces or commas, but don’t waste characters by using both.
  • Do not repeat keywords. Don’t include your company name and your app name in your keywords since you are already searchable in the App Store with these terms.
  • Do your homework by trying out what search results will come out with your chosen keywords. This will inform you of the competition that you are up against.
  • Choose as many keywords as possible but avoid overly used ones. When you use generalized keywords, several results will come out and your app might get lost in that long list. The fewer apps using similar keywords would mean less competition in search engine results and a higher chance for your app to be found.
  • Relevant keywords are essential. While extremely unique keywords seem interesting, they won’t help your app unless they are relevant. Unrelated keywords can affect your search relevancy in the App Store as it can lower your search engine ranking in your app’s genre. Apple does not allow keywords that are offensive or refer to other products or trademarks. Your app can be rejected if you use these prohibited terms.
  • If your app is available in several languages, make sure to submit keywords covering these languages to make your app searchable in those other places too.
  • Aim for perfection in optimization and spelling. You can only edit your keywords when you upload a new version or when your app is rejected. Apple reviews your keywords along with your app so you are not at liberty to change them anytime you please.
  • Don’t guess. Use programs like Google’s AdWords keyword tool to identify and compare the popularity of specific keywords. It will help you get an idea of what people look for online in relation to the subject matter of your app.
  • The description should ideally be a relevant paragraph that will work to attract your target audience followed by a brief list of the main features of your app.
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