Nightly Report Definitions

INVITATIONS_TO_DOWNLOAD: An “invitation” to download an app is defined as any request for an app with the exception of going directly to the App Store. Requests include:

  • Text Request
  • Email Request
  • Share App
  • Downloader Page Request

Invitations are unique for the brand and the user, meaning that if a user sends 2 Text Requests and 1 Share App request for the same brand, this will count as 1 invitation to download. If a user sends 2 Text Requests for one brand and 1 Share App request for a different brand, each brand would have a value of 1 invitation to download for that user.

UNIQUE_USERS: A user is someone actively using that brand’s app on their device, meaning that they have logged in to the app at least once.

FIRST_USER_DATE: This is the date that either a) the first invitation was sent or b) the first user logged in; whichever came first. A user can log in to the app without sending an invitation by download it directly from the app store.

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