How to Create a Ticket in Zendesk

Emailing immediately opens a support ticket so we can have the appropriate representative assist you, as does accessing "App Help" from the main menu of your app.


Detailed instructions on how to get set up in Zendesk before submitting a ticket are given below. This allows you to track all your activity within the portal and refer to old issues that have already been resolved:

1. Go to and click Sign In. As a first time user, you will have the option to Sign Up for a new account.

2. When you first Sign Up as a Smarter Agent user in Zendesk, you will receive an email like this:

Click the link to set up a password for Zendesk. This will be set as your password, and your username is the email address to which the above invitation was sent.

2. Once logged in for the first time, you will see the main page, which also serves as a Help Desk. On this page we can add FAQs to help users with any support questions they may have, so we welcome your feedback on any articles you would like added.


3. To create a new ticket, click “Submit a request” in the upper right. (NOTE: You can always, at any time, simply email from your email client to create a ticket).

4. From here, you can enter a Subject and Description, as well as upload any Attachments to illustrate the issue. Once finished, click “Submit.”

5. Now you will automatically be brought to the “My Activities” page, where you can review any of your tickets at any time. You can always access this screen by clicking on your name in the upper right and then “My Activities.”

6. If you want to view the status of a ticket or add comments, simply click the ticket Subject. There will also be a ticket ID next to the Subject should you need to refer to the ticket ID.

7. From the ticket’s screen, you’ll be able to see to whom the ticket is assigned to, any comments they have added, and the status. The statuses are as follows:
a. New: Ticket has been created but not worked on yet.
b. Open: Help Desk staff (Smarter Agent) is working on the ticket.
c. Pending: Help Desk staff (Smarter Agent) is waiting for the requested to reply.
d. Solved: The ticket has been solved. The ticket shown below, for example, has been solved by one of our agents.

8. If you have permissions to see requests from other users within your organization (as opposed to just those requested by you), you will be able to select “Organization requests” from the “My Activities” screen as well.






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