How do I set up & add agent apps?

*Updated instructions as of 7/22 with WEBSITE_URL Column added and a new update to the Deactivation Process.*

Please follow these steps to set-up and maintain your agent apps:

You must have a live app with Smarter Agent to generate your new roster.

To submit your agent roster the first time:

*Please use the blank .CSV file at the bottom of the page to fill in the following columns:

    • Agent_Name
      • This is the agent’s name as it would appear in the app.  Display as “First Name Last Name”. Please do not insert commas or any other punctuation.
    • Default_Phone
      • This is the lead phone number for the agent. Punctuations are allowed. For example, the number can be displayed as 555-555-5555 or (555)-555-5555 or 5555555555.
    • Email_Address
      • This is the lead email address for the agent.  Please only include one email address. This must be a valid email address.
    • Photo_URL
      • If you want to display each agent’s photo in their app, we need the URL for each photo.  One way to find your agent photo URL is if they are online.  You can pull their photo URL by going to each specific agent’s bio page, right click on their photo and then copy image address.  You can then paste that image URL address that you just copied into the roster for that specific agent under “Photo_URL”.  Please note, the URL should end in “.JPG”. If you do not include a photo, it will default to the company app logo.
    • Vanity_Text_Code
      • If you would like to pick your own unique agent text codes, you can fill this column in. Please note the text codes must start with your company prefix. If you are unsure of your company prefix, please email your Account Manager.  If you leave this column blank we will auto-generate text codes for your agents.
      • Your Vanity_Text_Code can be no longer than 25 characters.
      • Example of an auto_generated text code:  PREFIX12FR
      • Example of possible vanity text code:  PREFIXJane or PREFIXJSmith
    • BRE_Number
      • If your state requires the display of the agent’s license number, you can fill in this column.
      • Fill in a website link for your agents, and it will populate at the bottom of their Download URL Page where it says VIEW FULL WEBSITE.
      • Once the roster processes, clicking on VIEW FULL WEBSITE will take you to the URL you provide in the roster.
    • Status: In this column, you can set agents to ACTIVE or INACTIVE

      Active Agents: By typing in ACTIVE or A into this column, this agent will have their own live individual agent app, branded to them, that is downloadable.
      Inactive Agents: By typing in INACTIVE or I into this column for an agent,  you will deactivate their agent app. Any client who has that agent’s app will be converted to the company app and leads will now be directed back to the company. Do not change any other information for the agent - only change their status to ACTIVE or INACTIVE.


To submit your roster:

  • Fill in all necessary columns
  • Save file as a .CSV
  • Name the file: Roster_YourBrandCode
  • In a new email, put your Brand Code in the Subject Line (only numbers, nothing else)
  • Attach the .CSV roster
  • Email to:

**You can find your 20-digit Brand Code in your Launch Email. If you are unsure what your Brand Code is, please email your Account Manager.

**DO NOT DELETE ANY COLUMNS, EVEN IF THEY ARE BLANK. The roster needs all columns to process successfully.

**Only the pre-approved sender can submit the file to If you are unsure if you are pre-approved, please contact your Account Manager.


Receiving Your Roster

  • At 8AM EST on the day after you submit, you will receive an email from with your updated agent roster. The columns will have the Agent Name, Phone, Email, and Text Code, Photo URL, as well as their Downloader URL populated.
  • If your roster had errors and did not process correctly, the email will tell you what errors were found. Please correct the errors and re-submit your roster. Your Account Manager can assist you with any errors you need help with.


To make edits to an existing roster after you’ve submitted for the first time:

Use the most recently updated roster.

  • To add an agent
    • If you are adding agents, use your most recent roster to add the name, phone and email of the agent at the bottom of the spreadsheet
    • Add photo URL and Unique Text Code (if applicable)
    • Add Status
    • Leave existing agents on the spreadsheet intact
    • Submit the roster, following the “Submit” instructions
  • To change an Agent’s Name, Email, Phone Number
    • Use your most recent roster
    • Update the information for that agent
    • Submit the roster, following the “Submit” instructions
  • To change an Agent’s Unique Text Code
    • Use your most recent roster
    • Update the information for that agent in the VANITY_TEXTCODE column
    • Submit the roster, following the “Submit” instructions
  • To change an Agent’s Status
    • Use your most recent roster
    • Change the agent status to “Active” or “Inactive” (leaving all other information for that agent intact)
    • Leave all information on spreadsheet as-is
    • Submit the roster, following the “Submit” instructions


What if I was using the previous Asterisk (*) method to deactivate agents?

  • If your roster has “*” in the place of existing deactivated Agents' names, you can leave it as-is
  • However, to deactivate agents in the future, use the Status Column and do not put a “*” in place of the agent’s name
  • Fill in “Active” or “Inactive” for every agent on your roster (even those you’ve already deactivated)

Please note: As of 8/1/2016 the Asterisk (*) method to deactivate agents will no longer be accepted in a roster. Please use the STATUS column to create and deactivate agents.

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