If a client or prospect looks at a property more than once, does that just count as one view or will it count each time they viewed the property?

This will count each time a client views the property. We track how many clients and prospects are using your app as “unique users” on MobiBoard. Since a specific client may look at a property more than once, we want to keep track of that for you. This helps give you a better sense of how much interest a certain property is getting from your clients and prospects based on their activity, so you know which properties to focus more on.


The best way to get a real sense of which properties really capture your clients’ and prospects’ interest is to encourage them to sign up for property notifications in your app. When your clients and prospects sign up for notifications, they receive instant or daily updates on specific properties or geographic areas they’re interested in. This way, whenever they are interested in a property, they can follow up with you.

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